All roads lead to and from the Adria

As visitors learn of the affordable NYC accommodations available in this exciting borough, the Adria Hotel has become a hotel of choice. This Bayside location matters, so close to the many Queens Attractions on a must-do list. The NY Mets baseball and US Tennis Association draw thousands seasonally. Major universities in Queens and neighboring Nassau County host events and seasonal cultural highlights. The area’s rich ethnic diversity has nurtured a festive palette for interesting shopping and dining choices, while the young population now choosing Queens as home has helped create an array of pubs and bars. Visitors feel a NY welcome everywhere! To venture further—and beyond—New York’s boundaries, the Long Island Railroad whisks guests to historic sites along Long Island Sound and warm-weather beaches.

Selecting the Adria Hotel, with moderate-category rates, allows guests to enjoy it all! Public transportation takes care of the rest of the day’s journey.

Location matters in so many ways.